Sunday, June 13, 2010

Footplating in the WAP-7

As a Indian Railways fan, it was a privilege to ride in the cab of the WAP-7. Its the most modern of all electric broad gauge locomotives in India. If I'm right, it was desgined by the swiss loco company Alstom. The controls are in turn microprocessor controlled and it ensures that the operation is silky smooth and not wayward as we might have experienced in some normal trains. The WAP-7 is almost exclusively reserved for prestigious trains like the Rajdhani Express, the Shatabdi and the recently introduced Duronto. I was at H. Nizamuddin waiting for my train, the Chennai Rajdhani express. It pulled into the station at around 3:30 pm. My coach was very near to the engine, out of gut instinct I neared the cab of the engine and asked the loco pilot if i could get in and take some pics. He was very friendly and explained me how its operated and all. A much bigger event was to follow, which was totally not anticipated. I could take only 3-4 pics of that pretty dame, the engine of course!! The event I talked was this, i got to hold the throttle of the engine at around 130kph, literally drive the engine.!!! oh brilliant man!! one of a kind experience it was...absolutely thrilling. here are some pics..

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