Monday, January 21, 2013

San Diego Zoo - A must visit place

It's been a while since I blogged. Things have been frantic and I've been moving around a lot, coast to coast in fact. Got an opportunity to intern in San Diego, yeah sunny San Diego. Of all the places in the west coast, I've always wanted to see the San Diego zoo. This was the perfect opportunity and I was not gonna let it pass. The long break for Christmas was the perfect opportunity for me to be one on one with nature.

So, an early start to the day. I had booked my tickets in advance, so no standing in queues and went straight in. That makes for tip#1: Do buy tickets in advance. There is a considerable amount of crowd coming in daily. Tip#2: Get the free map at the entrance. Its available both in English and Spanish. That will help you navigate easily through the labyrinth of exhibits.

Being a reptile lover, headed for the snake house first, which is immediately to the left of the entrance. They've got an awesome collection of venomous, exotic and rare snakes. I was mighty impressed. Here are some clicks  

LanceHead Viper

Gabboon Viper

Green viper, a venomous species

Blue lizard from Africa


Vine snake in action

There is an area where you can pet and feed mountain goats. They are super friendly and a joy to be with.

A sleepy and lazy one, refused to budge
Met a very friendly and curious otter after that. He was a dream to take pictures of. He'd respond to my clicks and whistles and look in that direction. He'd then jump into the water, come out, dry himself and pose again. Here's our hero:

Hero material this guy
Got to meet a very loud and territorial parakeet. He'd give a loud sound if we got too close. But he was absolutely gorgeous.
Wish he spoke actually

Flamingos were up next
I was transported back to the Rann of Kutch in India where they nest

You can feed the friendly giraffes here. They accept the food gleefully and slobber all over your hands

A juvenile Giraffe, or a calf
Meerkats, never saw them before, other than TV maybe

Meerkat Manor

Met a lazy bum of a Polar Bear
Did you just call?
Never expected to meet these lil' beauties

I've never seen this bird before, probably won't see it again
Mysterious bird, who art thou
Is that me looking at a mirror?

Coming from someone who's been to the zoo, here's a tip that could make your day, DO take the backstage pass. You'll be totally surprised. I could describe it and spoil the fun, but naa, it's something that needs to be experienced.

Hope these pics made the zoo make your bucket list. More SD experiences to come. Stay tuned!! :)

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